ColorWare Joy-Con Classic channels the classic NES console and costs $199

There's something about the products of yesteryear that tend to invoke quite a bit of nostalgia and have the ability to pluck at the heart strings. This connection to the past is also another gateway for companies to cash in and make another buck for themselves. ColorWare is the most recent company to hop on the gravy train with their latest product, the Joy Con Classic.

If unfamiliar with ColorWare, the firm has been specializing in color customizations of different products for quite some time. It meticulously dismantles your favorite console, controller or even computer, paints it, inspects it, and reassembles it - just like brand new. What you're left with is a device or accessory that is unique, customized with the colors chosen by the owner, and painted in a fashion that is reserved for automobiles, ensuring a long lasting and durable finish.

With the aforementioned quality, it comes as no surprise that ColorWare charges top dollar for its services, including the $199 price tag for the Joy-Con that you see above. The newly announced product models itself after the original NES that was released in the United States, utilizing familiar colors like red, black, and gray. If you want to secure the more exclusive model of this release, be sure to act fast, as the first 25 ordered will also be numbered and considered as a limited edition. The Joy-Con can now be purchased directly from the site, costing $199, and will take about four weeks to ship out.

If the $199 price tag is a little above your spending limit, you can always opt for the newly released Neon Yellow variants that coincide with the release of ARMS.

Source: ColorWare via The Verge

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