Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards for August 28 to September 1

Every week, Destiny 2 hosts a Trials of Osiris event where teams of three compete for access to The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse promises Pinnacle rewards that boost you closer to the current 1060 Power Level cap.

The player vs. player competition also grants other items if you get three, five, or seven wins. However, you'll have to get seven wins in a row without a loss if you want to grab the Pinnacle gear from The Lighthouse. You can take a look at the Trials of Osiris rewards from August 28 to September 1 below.

  • Three wins: Exile's Curse legendary fusion rifle
  • Five wins: Helm of the Exile legendary helmet
  • Seven wins: Gauntlets of the Exile legendary gauntlets
  • Flawless: Plate of the Exile legendary chest armor

Trials of Osiris starts at 1 PM on Friday and lasts until 1 PM on Tuesday. You can use the Passage of Mercy from Saint-14 because it forgives one loss if you're going Flawless. If you manage to get seven wins in a row, you'll have to manually select The Lighthouse location displayed in the Crucible to obtain the Pinnacle reward.

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