Discuss: Your impressions of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10512

On Wednesday, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile build 10512 - a considerable leap over its last Insider Preview, build 10166, which it had released over a month earlier. As expected, the new preview didn't include much in the way of new features, but Microsoft has hinted that its next build will bring improvements to the company's new Edge browser.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore recently said that Windows 10 Mobile is now "significantly feature complete", so don't expect many more new features to be added to the OS ahead of its launch later this year. Future pre-launch builds will focus primarily on improving stability, performance and the quality of the overall user experience - and that's something that Microsoft has evidently worked on in its latest release.

The company says that it made over 2,000 fixes to the OS in its most recent release, but inevitably, build 10512 still rolled out with various known issues - and, inevitably, a few issues that haven't yet been documented (this is preview software, after all). Microsoft fixed one of those problems - a video playback bug that caused its Movies & TV app to crash - shortly after 10512 rolled out, but other issues remain.

Now that everyone's had a few days to play with the new preview - including those annoying bugs that it still contains - we're eager to hear about your experiences. Did you have any trouble upgrading to the latest build? Have you encountered any of the issues that Microsoft listed - or perhaps discovered some new ones? And do you think the quality of build 10512 is good enough yet for you to install it on your primary handset?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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