DivX 5.1

Yesterday DivXNetworks.Inc released v. 5.1 of their famous video codec including DivX Player 2.5.

The new version includes a lot improvements and bugfixes.

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  • Added a new high-quality psychovisual mode that includes the following features:
  • Texture cortex masking and rate distortion algorithm
  • Hybrid mode (with texture cortex masking)
  • Speed optimization
  • Chroma operation (this option is not enabled by default for performance reasons; to enable it, create an empty file in C: called "DivxPvShapingChroma.txt" for "fast" mode and "DivxPvSimpleChroma.txt" for slow mode; testing shows only 1-2% gains in JND tests)
  • The decoder has been rearchitected and is now 10 to 30% faster on all CPU platforms.
  • The decoder now supports automatic post-processing during video playback.
  • Added new features to the rate control modes of the encoder, including:
  • A complexity vector log file
  • An API that allows real-time control of rate control
  • An API that allows forced I-frame insertion
  • Redesigned encoder GUI. The new GUI is more accessible and simplifies overall usage.
  • DivX 3 compatibility. (There were no problems detected on any of the more than 60 hours of test content.)
  • Performance of Nth Pass strategy planning performance.
  • A bug that caused the quantizer to overshoot the bitrate following a transition to a complex scene.
  • A bug that limited the interframe change in quantizer to the ideal quantizer or plus or minus 2.
  • A bug in RGB32 to YUV conversion on Pentium 4 machines.
  • A minor bug that affected multiple CPU configuration.
  • A bug with the rate control video buffer verifier (VBV) that would enforce a "3 sec" max bitrate. Several bugs that affected Nth Pass encoding strategy planning.
  • A bug that caused a different number of frames to be reported between different passes in VirtualDub.
  • A bug that caused motion vector (MV) reuse to be non-functional.
  • A bug that caused problems when MV reuse and psychovisual mode were used together.
  • Several bugs with the installer.
  • A bug that caused a crash when setting crop/resize values.
Download: DivX 5.1 (Adware included)

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