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Droid X users use 5x the data, Verizon still looking to kill unlimited data

Despite the fact that the Droid X has been suffering from screen issues, Verizon has stated that Droid X users are swallowing up five times the data when compared to other devices.  Neowin reported yesterday that Verizon was looking to bury unlimited data and this propaganda is only reinforcing the claims that Verizon will unveil the new plans soon. 

According to paidcontent.org, Verizon stated “On Droid X, we’re seeing something like 5x the data usage of any other device” what Verizon fails to say is that this is could be tied to it being a new device.  Like any other new toy, the owner tends to play with it a lot at first and dissipate use in the following months; but it’s more likely that Verizon will use this slanted information to introduce its data tiers in the near future. 

While Verizon continues to state the obvious, its users are left wondering how long we get to keep our unlimited plans (Verizon does currently have a soft cap of 5 gigabytes per month on mobile data usage).  While we don’t really know what Verizon will introduce, or how it will price its data tiers, this is one more piece of the puzzle that shows Verzion is about to take unlimited data to the way of the "Dodo".

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