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DST bug strikes iPhone again

Now where have we heard this one before? It appears the iPhone software has once again become a victim to the dreaded DST bug.

Experiencing it first hand this time, I noticed that my iPhone had randomly dropped back by a full hour during the day. After my iPhone 4 - which was running iOS 4.3, the latest firmware - rolled a minute passed 2:59, it now displayed 2:00, as if the phone forgot that DST started at 2AM, not 2PM. Perhaps the iPhones 12-hour format clock could be to blame, I found myself setting the time manually, which automatically corrected the time; switching it back simply displayed 2:00PM again.

Shortly after the DST bug struck, I noticed I wasn't alone, as numerous reports about iPhone clocks falling back by two hours surfaced. The last time we witnessed the iPhone DST bug, was back on New Years Eve, which gave many consumers an extra hour to sleep, making them late for work and other events. Sadly, Apple's only suggestion to correct the issue was to let the bug simply fix itself on January 3, which came and went without a fix for repeating alarms.

Sometime after 8PM EST, setting my iPhone to automatically set its own time seemed to display the correct time, meaning the bug was only temporary. However, the iOS software continues to be plagued by the DST bug, which was supposed to be fixed twice by now. Third times a charm, Apple.

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