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Dutch arrest 19 year old for DDOS attacks

A few days ago, Neowin reported that Dutch authorities had arrested a 16 year old in connection to the distributed denial of service attacks that took place on behalf of Wikileaks as part of Operation: Payback. This weekend, the Dutch police have arrested their second suspect.

The arrested youth is a 19 year old who goes by the name of "Awinee" online. He was arrested in Hoogezand-Sappemeer and charged with using hacking tools to bring down the Dutch prosecutors website. During the arrest the police seized his computer and a replica of an italian pistol, according to Reuters. Police also believe he was part of the attack on Moneybookers, a financial website, as well. Participating in a denial of service attack carries a prison sentence up to six years in the Netherlands. However, while it isn't clear if Dutch authorities will be arresting anyone they find who uses LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon, a tool designed to make DDoS attacks easy and coordinated), prosecutors are claiming that this second suspect was encouraging others to join in the DDoS attempt.

The name of the 19 year old hasn't been released yet, but a quick Google search brings up a little more information on the 19 year old's alias, the first result pointing to an online profile for Awinee with the name Martijn Gonlag attached. 

The DDOS attacks have been called off for now as the alleged command structure is re-organized. Anonymous has since issued a press release that explains how they operate, and what their true goal as an organization is. 


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