E3: Nintendo Wii game round-up

On day two of the E3 event, Nintendo announced some of its new game lineups coming later this year and next.  With the use of the Nintendo Wii and the wiimote + nunchuck, you will be able to experience things like never before.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Zelda has once again come back to Hyrule for another adventure.  This time, instead of the Twilight saga, Link will take on a whole new adventure with new weapons, enemies and bosses.  Even though the demonstration had a few mishaps, they promised a flawless experience on the actual console in your home.

Link will have some new weapons, including a bee-link slingshot, which gives you a flyable bug, seeing an aerial view of the land.

Mario Sports Mix
Mario is back at his old games, literally.  Nintendo is taking Mario back into an assortment of playable games such as volleyball and basketball.  Mario Sports Mix will include a number of games with the whole party, including Mario, Luigi, Princess, Toad, Bowser and many more.

Just Dance 2
Show off your dance moves with the next version of Just Dance.  Players can show off their moves and the game includes a huge soundtrack of artists, giving you the a massive selection to dance to.

Goldeneye 007
The original make from Rare on the Nintendo 64 was arguably the greatest game of its time.  With big companies like Microsoft trying to port the original on its console, deals fell through.

But now, Nintendo will be bringing back the classic, exclusively to the Wii.  The remake will have eight original characters, including Jaws and Oddjob, with original stages, multiplayer experience and much more.  It's not fully known if the game will be a complete 100% remake or include new stages and objectives.

Video and more information here.

Wii Party
Compete against your friends with some cool balancing acts with your friends and family.  The game will feature some mini games like Balance Ship and Mii Alignment.


Disney Epic Mickey
For decades, one of the biggest icons in movie history will be coming to the Nintendo Wii.  You'll be able to play with Mickey Mouse in some cool adventures, drawing and erasing walls, objects and plants.  Each player can control how they change their world by erasing or painting walls, solving problems with the drawing tools.

Users can save or destroy their own world, choosing how they want to play the game.  Included in the game, brings back you new and old style of gaming, including a 3D realm, which you can run around and play on, and a 2D classic, black and white cartoon style stage.

Kirby EpicYarn
Kirby is back for a whole new adventure for the first time on the Wii.  Kirby's new drawing style will give Kirby a cartoonish 'yarn' like style.  The interesting appearance will give the game a never before seen look for the game title.

Kirby EpicYarn is scheduled for release this fall.

Metroid Other M
Metroid is back in a new experience, offering the player the chance to switch from 2D and 3D.  The never before told story of Samus Aran's past will be revealed in this adventure.  Players will use the Wii Remote for navigating your terrain and battling enemies.


Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong is back with a whole new adventure in the jungle.  Donkey Kong and his friends are at it with a new experience and missions to complete.  The side-scrolling platformer goes back to some of the original gameplay found on the Super Nintendo.

Nintendo didn't release any further information about the game but said it would release “this Fall".”

All image credit: ign.com

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