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Get this Sandisk 1TB microSD card with the Legend of Zelda logo for an all time low price

sandisk legend of zelda

The Nintendo Switch is unique among the current generation of game consoles in a number of ways. One of them is that you can expand the console's storage by just using an inexpensive off-the-shelf microSD card rather than a more expensive internal SSD (like Sony's PlayStation 5) or proprietary expansion cards (like Microsoft's Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles).

Right now, Sandisk is selling an official Nintendo Switch 1TB microSD card with the logo of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda game series for an all-time low price of $89.99. That's also $60 less than its normal $149.99 MSRP.

sandisk legend of zelda

This 1TB microSD is officially licensed to work with the Nintendo Switch console. In theory, that means putting this card in the console's expansion slot should offer no problems if you want to add more storage to the console. Since the console itself just has a meager 32GB of onboard storage, this is an excellent accessory to get if you have a new Switch console as a gift over the holidays.

The read speeds for this Sandisk card top out at 100 MB per second, while its write speeds go up to 90 MB per second. Of course, having the Zelda logo just makes the card look cooler as well. It also has a Nintendo Switch logo as well.

Of course, if you just want a microSD card to expand storage on your notebook, tablet, or smartphone (if they have a microSD expansion slot), you can use this Sandisk 1TB model for that as well.

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