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eBay user attempts to sell AAC music files

Thanks to NeoMayhem for pointing me ot this interesting article... Thought this would "spark" some interesting discussion regarding the arena of DRM vs the right of first sale...

"georgeh734", a seller on eBay is attempting to sell a song he purchased on Apple's iTunes Music store (current bidding has driven the 99c original purchase price to $7.51 and now currently stands at $350 )!

As George says on the eBay auction site and on his weblog, he's selling the song because does not like the song anymore and feels like it pales in comparison to it's original, so he's attempting to sell the song, and at the same time, test the waters regarding selling a song downloaded vs a CD bought.

Here are some points he has brought up...

  • It's true that I'm seeking attention, but not for me personally. This is an experiment in property rights in the digital age, something that's gotten surprisingly little attention.
  • 2. I've read the iTunes agreements and found nothing denying transferability. This isn't any more a commercial venture than selling CDs at the local music store, I'm not incorporated or even DBA. Furthermore, in case anyone thinks this is a cheap way to make a buck I will be donating all proceeds to the EFF.

  • 3. When the song is successfully transferred, I will not be keeping a copy of the song. If I don't own it I shouldn't have a copy.
Can this type of transaction be completed within the confinds of the Apple DRM model ?

And will it give the lucky auction winner have the necessary time to enjoy their purchase before we're all toast in 2014!

News source: eBay auction - Double Dutch Bus by Devin Vasquez

View: 90% Crud weblog - Does the Right of First Sale Still Exist?

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