Edge Dev 106.0.1363.0 improves accessibility and built-in screenshot tool

An illustration showing people working on the Edge Dev 106 update

Microsoft Edge 106.0.1363.0 is now available in the Dev Channel. The latest weekly feature update in the Edge Insider program improves the browser's accessibility and fixes several bugs. Here is what is new.

What is new in Microsoft Edge Dev 106.0.1363.0?


  • Added a tooltip display on thumbs up/down so it is read aloud by Narrator

  • Updated the policy for Efficiency mode support

Improved reliability:

  • Fixed an issue where Web Select doesn’t copy some images
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth focus on Duo devices

Changed behavior:  

  • Fixed orientation issue with printing
  • Fixed an issue where certain keyboard keys like the arrow keys do not work in text fields
  • Fixed missing smart explore icon on certain videos

Microsoft Edge 106 will arrive in the Beta Channel for final testing before the public release on the week of October 4, 2022. Microsoft plans to release Edge 106 to all users on the week of October 27, 2022.

Microsoft Edge Dev is available on all supported platforms: Windows (down to now-deceased Windows 7), macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS (invite-only). You can download the browser from the official Edge Insider website.

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