Emperion is making a Windows on ARM phone that can run Android apps

It's been a month since the demise of Windows 10 Mobile, and by now, it should be clear that Microsoft isn't going to resurrect it. In fact, even the company's own Surface Duo runs Android with Google services. However, it looks like a company called Emperion is going to try. The UK company is making a device that runs full Windows on ARM, as it teased on Twitter.

Obviously, there aren't a lot of details in the tweet, but Windows Insider MVP Jeremy Sinclair got some answers (via Windows Central). Perhaps most interesting is that the device, called the Nebulus, will apparently run Android apps. Moreover, those apps will run without emulation or having to switch between operating systems. Emperion was not clear on how this will happen.

Windows Central reports the processor to be "an overclocked Snapdragon 845", which likely means that it's the Snapdragon 850, being that that's actually a chipset that's made for Windows on ARM. It also includes a headphone jack and a microSD slot.

As Sinclair noted, Windows on ARM does not natively support telephony; however, Emperion says that it's hearing that the feature is coming to Windows on ARM. The company says that pre-orders for the device will begin soon.

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