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Ever wanted to destroy a car online?

Consider this a showcase of a site you might never have heard of before, for there are so many sites on the internet that's a real possibility. The site on offer today is 3DTuning, offering a glimpse into the world of car ruining modification without making you leave the comfort of your chair.

I made this ridiculously low monstrosity as a basic example of what can be done with the site. It's effectively a Flash workspace with quite a variety of different cars for you to modify tastefully / make suitable for this coming Halloween. The Lada cars on offer, in my brief experience with the site, tend to have the most parts to mess with.

My base car for the image above is a Lada 2107 - a car few will love, and this is a car even fewer will. You can also mess around with other things as well, some of which are common sights on the road. If you spent enough time messing around with the tools there's a fair chance you could make something acceptable - like the beautiful Metro below!

Yes, the thing above was actually found in the real world, and was so well received it was graded as 'Shed of the Year 2009'. If you squint hard enough it almost looks like the legendary Metro 6R4 rally car... not.

The Metro was found on Barryboys, a UK forum dedicated to laughing at horrendously modified cars, and 3DTuning was brought to my attention through a link on the forums as well. Be warned that the site can get NSFW if you're planning to check it at work.

Since 3DTuning is in Russian, you can access an English link here: 3DTuning.ru

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