Exclusive: Is this the Verizon iPhone?

Late last night Neowin acquired an image of a key Verizon executive holding an iPhone. The person who is well within the ranks of Verizon was spotted showing the device off to several individuals when the photo was snapped. Unfortunately the lighting above the phone obscured the image a fair bit and diluted the image.

While the picture is blurry, it is most definitely an iPhone and was in the hands of a key Verizon individual who was showing the device to several individuals at a private event. The device looks nearly identical to the iPhone 4 so it's very hard to distinguish if this is an AT&T model or the actual Verizon iPhone. The reason we believe it is the Verizon model is because of who was actually showing off the device.

The rumors of the Verizon iPhone are almost as old as the device itself, but with this key individual supposedly holding the device, it looks all but certain that it will launch soon on Verizon. While it is possible this could be an AT&T iPhone, why would a well established Verizon executive be holding AT&T's iPhone and why would he have been showing it off in such a way as to conceal what he was doing even though he was in a semi-public setting?

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