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Fedora Project announces the death of Fedora 26, time to upgrade

As of May 29th, Fedora 26 has reached its end of life, meaning that its repositories are no longer going to be updated with security patches, bug fixes, or program enhancements. The Fedora Project now recommends that all Fedora 26 users upgrade to Fedora 27 or Fedora 28, which will continue to get updates for the time being and contain newer packages.

Discussing the Fedora life cycle, Fedora Magazine said:

“The Fedora Project provides updates for a particular release until a month after the second subsequent version of Fedora is released. For example, updates for Fedora 26 continue until one month after the release of Fedora 28. Fedora 27 continues to be supported up until one month after the release of Fedora 29.”

Fedora 26 was released last July and received about 10,000 updates over the course of its life. The release brought with it GNOME 3.24; a new partitioning tool in Anaconda to give experts more control; version 2.5 of the package manager DNF (Dandified YUM); and the Python Classroom Lab which helps teachers set up a Python development environment quickly.

If you’re planning to jump to Fedora 27, it’s worth noting that it will only be supported until one month after Fedora 29 is released. The Fedora Project plans to release it some time in October but these target dates have been known to slip. Either way, you should be looking to upgrade again in November so it’s probably just easier to go straight to Fedora 28 now as it has roughly 12 months of life left.

Source: Fedora Magazine

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