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Firaxis announces Persia as one of the two new DLC civs coming to Civilization VI

Persia has emerged as the newest civilization to join the ever expanding list of cultures in Civilization VI, and that's not all, as the Firaxis announcement goes on to say that a second, yet to be revealed, civ will also launch alongside Persia. This would be the first DLC in the game's history to add two civilizations.

Furthermore, the developer is planning to launch a free Spring update containing bug fixes and balance changes.

As more details on the second civ and the Spring update are coming at a later date, let's have a look at what Persia is offering in the meantime.

Cyrus II is leading Persia with the Fall of Babylon leader ability, giving Persian troops bonus movement points whenever you declare a surprise war on another faction. The diplomatic penalties you get from surprise wars are also lower than other factions, giving less to worry about when wiping out nosey neighbors.

Persia's unique ability, Satrapies, presents you with a free trade route after researching the Political Philosophy Civic in the Classical Era, along with increased internal trade route yields.

The Immortal replace the default Swordsman as Persia's unique unit. Although these units don't look quite as menacing as the masked Immortals from the movie 300, the game's ranged Immortals have strong defensive capabilities, a rare early unit characteristic.

Lastly, we have the Pairidaeza unique improvement, which provides an increasing amount of gold, culture, and appeal depending on districts surrounding it and how far you are in the Tech and Civic trees.

Firaxis is keeping release dates and pricing details under wraps, but those who own the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition will receive the upcoming DLC, which includes Persia and the other mysterious civ, for free, while regular edition owners must buy the DLC separately.

Sources: Civilization, Steam announcement

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