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Firaxis introduces Indonesia to Civilization VI

Not being content with just announcing Khmer as a new civ for Civilization VI yesterday, Firaxis has now announced Indonesia as another brand new civilization heading for the game. Being led by Dyah Gitarja, Indonesia's playstyle seems to focus on religion and naval superiority.

Indonesia's unique ability is the Great Nusantara, providing a minor bonus for Holy Sites, Campuses, Industrial Zones, and Theatre Squares that are adjacent to the coast. Players will also receive an additional Amenity for any Entertainment Complexes bordering any non-lake coastal tiles.

The Kampung serves as a unique coastal improvement for the civ. These provide additional housing, production, and food per fishing boat neighboring it.

Meanwhile, Dyah Gitarja's unique leader ability is titled, 'Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds'. Other than being a mouthful, this ability provides some considerable advantages. Indonesia players will be able to purchase naval units with faith at a discount, religious units will be exempt from embarking and disembarking movement penalties, and any city centers that are adjacent to lakes or the coast will get extra faith.

Lastly, the Frigate is being replaced by the new unique naval unit, the Jong. This ship has a movement range of six tiles, and gains additional combat power in formations, with any units in its formation also obtaining the Jong's large movement range.

Both Indonesia and yesterday's Khmer DLC civilizations should be heading for the game quite soon, as Firaxis has a practice of launching new content quite quickly after announcing it. The new Civilization VI Fall 2017 Update should also arrive alongside the new civs, bringing its new improvements to religion, AI and, other mechanics.

Source: Civilization

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