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First Windows 11 24H2 build 26052 causing 0XC1900101/ 0x80070002 GSOD, sysprep install fail

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Microsoft released a major update to the Canary and Dev channels this week with build 26052. The build adds Sudo, among several other things. It is also is the first official Windows 11 version 24H2 release. If reports are to be believed, we will also have another feature update for Windows 11 before that, and it reportedly lands in less than a month.

The tidbits and traces of Windows 11 24H2 began to surface towards the very end of last year, first inside a DMSA Group Policy and we also had a reaffirmation of it again very recently on official Microsoft documentation.

Naturally, insiders are excited to try the first 24H2 preview not only for that but also for the slew of new features it brings. Unfortunately, some users are having installation issues with the build. It first came to Neowin's attention when long-time forum member thexfile commented that they were having installation problem. They were not alone as a couple of others, Xab and Tantawi also joined in on the thread to share their own similar experiences.

It just wasn't three Neowin readers who faced such problems. If you go to Feedback Hub, there are several insiders who have reported a similar issue. One in particular has been heavily upvoted as well, by 104 others at the time of writing.

The author of the issue writes:

Trying to upgrade to Build 26052 on my PC failed and rolled back with error code 0XC1900101

Additional information was also provided by others who commented on this thread. Apparently, the installation is failing with error code 0XC1900101 and users are experiencing a Green Screen of Death (GSOD) with the error message "GSOD SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE."

There could be Sysprep compatibility issues at play here too as some report an error code of "0xC1900101 - 0x30018" with the message "The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during SYSPREP_SPECIALIZE operation."

We will have to wait for official Microsoft confirmation about the resolution of these issues.

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