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'From Dust' delayed for PC

Ubisoft's 'From Dust' has been delayed for PC, owing to a delay imposed by Ubisoft. Currently the reasoning for the delay has been unclear, though it may be related to the rest of the games being released for Microsoft's 'Summer of Arcade' promotion. Each of the other games used in the promotion has a window of exclusivity to the Xbox 360 before releasing on any other platforms. The 2010 title Limbo has only recently released on the PlayStation Marketplace, despite having been a part of the Summer of Arcade promotion. British-based downloadable game retailer Green Man Gaming confirmed via a tweet that the game has been delayed for PC, but will be releasing on August 17th. CNET-owned games website GameSpot has already asked for any clarification from Ubisoft, though none has been given.

The micro-management game follows a group of indigenous tribes in an island paradise plagued by natural disasters. Players must nurture the tribes to become powerful, as some type of supernatural being, via the manipulation of water, lava and other features of the island, in order to prevent natural disasters wiping out the tribe. From Dust also encourages using natural disasters to the player's advantage, should they feel they are able to do so. For example, if a wildfire has broken out, a tsunami could be advantageous to use in order to instantly wipe out the issue, as long as it does not wipe out the tribal villages.

The game has been confirmed for a future PS3 release though Ubisoft does not have a release window at present. From Dust releases tomorrow on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, for $15 (1200 Microsoft Points).

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