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From The Forums: Neowin reader checks out the Xbox One tour in Boston

Earlier this month, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, the head of Xbox Live programming at Microsoft, announced he would be going on a tour of some of the retail Microsoft Stores this fall. The plan is to let people get their hands on some Xbox One games as well as its controller before the console launches on November 22nd.

On Thursday, the Xbox One Microsoft Store tour made its second stop in Boston. As it turns out, Neowin forum member "BajiRav" was in attendance and wrote up some impressions of the event in a forum post, along with some photos and videos.

"BajiRav" states that the Xbox One controller demo was connected to a app that was running on some Lenovo laptops. The app simulated a number of typical gaming features like driving, shooting, rocket launchers and more. "BajiRav" says that in his opinion the Xbox One controller was a "really nice improvement" compared to the one made for the Xbox 360.

The post goes over some of his other impressions of the controller. "BajiRav" states that the "sticks are smaller but felt as good as ever." He also states the controller's "bumpers and triggers are right next to each other. Transition is easier and smoother". He seemed very fond of the new rumble triggers, calling them "... AWESOME. Every demo basically simulated their use. I think describing it is pointless, you need to feel it."

"BajiRav" did not get to play Forza Motorsport 5, which was also demoed during the Boston Microsoft Store event. He did say that the graphics look better but added, "I thought aliasing was noticeable during gameplay, hopefully they will fix by launch." He did get to play the upcoming fighting game Killer Instinct, but that demo was using an old fashioned arcade box instead of the controller. Apparently fighting games are not his forte, but he did say the game "looked nice graphically."

The Microsoft Store Xbox One Tour will be coming to Orlando and Edmonton in late October and apparently more stops will be announced later.

Image via BajiRav

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