Gallery: Windows 10 build 10056

Earlier today, a new build of Windows 10 found its way to the web and this time around it is version 10056. In this build are updates to themes, a few new icons and other tidbits tucked away under the many layers of the OS.

Seeing as this is a leaked build and there is no support from Microsoft, we don't blame you if you don't want to install the OS. More so, if you do install the build, it's best to keep this version away from any production machines and if possible, install it in a VM.

It is worth pointing out that some of the new theme settings crash when selected. For example, if you try to change the color in the personalization option for what I assume is the window borders (it does not explicitly say), the Settings app will crash.

Also, the 'Microsoft Family' app does not appear to be working either and this may be some sort for parental control application to be announced in the near future.

So, for those of you who want a closer look at the OS, check out the gallery below and as we get more time to play with this release, we will focus in on what's new in upcoming spotlights.

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