‘Gemini' will bring a redesigned backend to Office365

After hearing a plethora about Windows Blue, ‘Gemini’, the next update for Office, was uncovered as the codename going forward for enhancements to that platform. Once the name of the platform was uncovered, it then became possible to look for more information in plain sight about the update.

Step in Stephen Chapman who has been able to uncover more evidence of ‘Gemini’ and some of the enhancements currently being worked on for the platform. Spotted on LinkedIn was the mention of ‘Gemini’ that states that they are “redesigning Office 365 backend architecture and deployment strategy in Office Gemini and beyond”.

While there is not a lot of specific detail about the changes that ‘Gemini’ will include, it does show that the update will be quite significant if the backend architecture is being reworked. Knowing this, it looks like the changes may deliver improvements in performance once the new backend is deployed.

Other than that, we don’t know much else about the update other than its name and that it looks to be an extensive overhaul of the platform. In addition, we did hear that the first up the updates will arrive around the launch of Blue and that Office is now moving to an annual release cycle as opposed to its previous releases of around 3 years between updates.

Source: MSFTKitchen

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