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Give a little Xmas cheer with a Google Blacklist E-Card

Like their paper counterparts, most Christmas E-Cards get a quick glance before ending up in the virtual trash.

One British design studio set out to change that with a little help from Google and the result will certainly catch a few eyes. Dubbed ''The Google Blacklist Christmas Card'' (NSFW) the site, put together by London-based Nation, takes a list of less-than-common words and throws in some Flash to make an E-Card generator with a difference. While they aren't the kinds of Christmas greetings you'd send to your mother, it's definitely a different take on holiday cheer. Just be prepared to do a bit of clicking to come up with a card that won't have your friends avoiding you like the plague this festive season.

The list of words is drawn from hacker site 2600, which determined through a process of trial-and-error earlier this year which words Google considered inappropriate for its Instant Search users to stumble upon. Searching for any of the words using Google Instant Search delivers a blank screen - users must hit Enter to reveal the results of their unsavoury search.

Nation is no stranger to quirky ideas - in July, the firm created a unique way of helping people decide what to make for dinner. As with Google Blacklist Christmas Card, this site is not one to open at your office workstation - the URL speaks for itself.

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