Gmail users can soon use custom themes

Gmail users have been able to change the background themes on the webpage for several years now. However, they have always been at the mercy of Google's own choices for colors, designs and pictures. That will all change later this week. In a new post on the official Gmail blog, Google announced that soon users will be able to put in their own background themes.

The video above gives an example of how custom themes can be put into action on Gmail. The post says that:

You can upload your own images directly, select from your Google+ photos or simply paste any image URL. Or, if you don't have a particular image in mind, you can browse our searchable Featured Photos section to find one that speaks to you.

While this is admittedly a bit of a cosmetic feature, it's one that we know all those millions of Gmail users will welcome. Soon you will be able to put in your favorite Justin Bieber background to look at while you search your growing inbox. Or perhaps a background with the Neowin logo might suit your fancy. In any case, we suspect there will be a lot of use for this small but interesting update.

Source: Gmail blog

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