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Google announces memory and energy-saving modes for Chrome

An illustration for Chrome Memory and Energy saver modes

Microsoft Edge might not become the most popular browser any time soon. Still, it is hard to argue that its Sleeping Tabs feature and Efficiency Mode make it a more compelling browser than other mainstream options. However, Chrome is about to give Edge a run for its money as Google introduces dedicated memory and energy-saving modes for its browser.

The latest release of Chrome for desktop platforms introduces two new performance settings. According to a post published on the official Google Blog, those settings allow the browser to consume about 40% less memory while running your tabs smoothly.

Like the Sleeping Tabs in Edge (Microsoft says the browser put to sleep more than 1.3 billion tabs in September alone), Chrome will utilize its memory saver to freeze inactive pages and allow your computer to reallocate memory for more critical or demanding tasks, such as playing games or video editing.

A GIF showing how Memory Saver for Google Chrome works

Energy Saver in Google Chrome will kick in automatically when your device reaches 20% of the battery. The company does not provide an in-depth explanation of how the feature works or how effective it is, but you can expect to notice limited background activities and reduced visual effects on websites with fancy graphics, animations, and videos.

A GIF Showing how energy saver in Chrome Works

Google understands that it cannot satisfy all customers with one setting to rule them all. Hence, the new modes feature additional customization, such as the ability to select what websites Chrome should never put to sleep. It will be interesting to see how Memory and Energy Savers improve Chrome's performance compared to the competition, so look for a follow-up for our recent browser efficiency test that proved Edge's power-saving tools extremely effective.

Google will roll out Memory and Energy Savers for Chrome over the next few weeks on Windows, macOS, and Google Chrome.

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