Google Caffeine going live as we speak?

A colleague of mine pointed me in the direction of some breaking news. One of his friends, who's the founder of Search Engine Roundtable, has discovered something very exciting. It seems that many of Google's data centers have begun kicking in the new Caffeine indexing system. He reports that many threads have been buzzing about this. People in those threads seem very sure that the results are from Caffeine's new algorithm. The writer has emailed Matt Cutts over at Google to confirm the change, but has not heard back yet.

Here are some threads that he links to where users have experienced the change:

However, not all users are experiencing the new results. It seems as though not all of Google's data centers have had the change implemented. Below is a list of the data centers suspected of currently running on Caffeine. You can click on them to search, and you'll notice the results to be of the Caffeine kind.

We will see if Google makes any official announcement and will update you as more information becomes available. It's possible that other data centers, other than the ones listed above, have made the switch as well. The latest word from Google was that Caffeine would launch sometime after the holidays, so it makes sense to see it going live now.

Caffeine is the name given to Google's next generation search index and algorithm. The aim of the new system is to improve the speed, accuracy, index size, and overall result relevancy of the world's most popular search engine. Caffeine also puts a strong emphasis on real-time indexing. Back in August, Google released a public preview of the new engine. Overall, reviews have been positive.

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