Google introduces new Nest Hub experiences for hotels

Google has announced a new "hospitality solution" for hotels, based on the Google Assistant and the Nest Hub smart display. Hotels that adopt the solution can place a Nest Hub in guest rooms, giving them quick access to some hotel services and media features.

One of the things hotels can do is enable support for common requests from customers, like the ability to schedule wake-up calls or asking for extra towels. In some hotels, the Google Assistant can even help customers check out of the hotel more quickly, skipping over lines and making it easier for hotels to get ready for the next customer. Hotels can also use the Assistant to run surveys with customers about their stay, or let customers know about ongoing and upcoming specials at the hotel.

The Google Assistant can also provide answers about the area, such as weather forecasts, nearby places, store hours, and more, which might be useful for tourists. In some places, it's even possible to make restaurant reservations hands-free using the Nest Hub.

Finally, customers can also use the Nest Hub to access YouTube for some entertainment, or connect their phones to play music or other content. Hotels can also connect the Nest Hub to other devices in the room, such as TVs or speakers, so users can control those devices as well.

This experience is currently only available at a handful of hotels throughout the United States, plus Village Hotels in the UK. Google says more partnerships are coming soon, though.

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