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Google is reportedly working on a new fitness service called Coach

While wearables have been on the market for some years, they haven’t quite taken off as companies would have hoped. Although it is unknown just how successful the market will be, what is known is that attaching health and fitness to a wearable can boost its perception. It looks like Google is looking to play up that angle, as it is reportedly working on something called Coach.

There are plenty of services dedicated to fitness tracking and monitoring your vitals, but it looks like Google Coach will take things a step further by harnessing your data and taking charge when it comes to delivering information. This behavior will be quite different when compared to what is available now, where fitness services tend to deliver information as more of a response. According to the folks at Android Police, Google Coach “may recommend workout routines, track your progress, and recommend alternatives if you miss a planned workout”.

The Coach won’t only monitor your activities but will also take a look at your nutrition and recommend the proper nourishment. This could come in the form of suggesting a healthy take-out meal or planning your meals for the week. In order to combat the potential for information overload, apparently, Google will cut down on the number of notifications and will instead group Coach suggestions into one single notification. While the service will be available on phones and maybe other supported devices later, there will be a heavy initial focus on Wear OS devices.

Like always, this is leaked information that hasn’t been made official. Things could always change or it might not even manifest before it reaches the public. Hopefully, we will get to see Google Coach in action sometime soon.

Source: Android Police

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