Google Phone app to expand to more devices this week, also brings Verified Calls

Google began rolling out the Verified Calls feature for the Google Phone app back in June. The feature helps users identify unknown callers by vetting businesses and providing caller information for verified businesses, including the reason for the call. This reduces the likelihood of users falling prey to scam calls. However, the feature was available only for Pixel devices running the Phone app.

While the beta version of the Phone app began being made available to more Android devices last month, the Verified Calls feature was still exclusive to the search giant’s own phones. That is soon changing, as the company has announced that the Phone app will be made available to more Android devices later this week, which will also bring the Verified Calls feature.

The firm says that it piloted the feature with customers for a few months and noticed that it “improves the likelihood of someone answering a call”, especially for calls relating to bank transactions and other services. It adds that this feature, in addition to the Verified SMS feature helps users identify and trust communication from brands.

Verified Calls will make it to users in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India as part of its initial rollout. The firm adds that it will be expanding availability to more regions soon, but did not specify the devices that will receive the feature. It is also conducting a special session during its Google Cloud Next ‘20 On Air online event series for partners and businesses to understand the feature.

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