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Google plans to downsize Motorola workforce by twenty percent

You might not know this, but Motorola became two different companies in 2011. These two companies went on and took the simply inspired names of 'Motorola Mobility' and 'Motorola Solutions'. Outside of business you may never have heard of the Solutions side to the company.

Motorola Mobility is the company you'll likely have heard more about. It's the company that Google bought out for $12.5 billion dollars, and it was the side of the company that was struggling for quite some time. Google's decision to buy them out was an interesting one, since it allowed them access to a company that could make Android handsets in-house.

Google wanted to keep Motorola Mobility small, as a subsidiary of what is now a very large company. On Sunday, Google alerted Motorola Mobility employees about the decision to trim 20% of the workforce off. As well as this, Google intends to close 94 offices for the company globally, as they pull out of less successful markets.

20% of the Motorola Mobility workforce equates to around 4,000 employees; two-thirds of these employees are located within the United States. Motorola Mobility's downsizing could be reflective of how Google wants the company to operate within the massive search engine's empire. Motorola Mobility are not meant to be a massive company, but this could be the way that Google steps into the smartphone business with a handset built in-house.

The Nexus line of smartphones, while Google's own breed of Android, historically have been built by other companies. The Nexus One, for example, was constructed by HTC. Both the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are manufactured by Samsung.

To this date Motorola has never gotten an opportunity to flex its muscles with a Nexus flagship. Falling under Google's command there is now a possibility for Motorola to step their game up. Their most well known line of devices are the 'Droid' phones, which are locked to Verizon's network.

Source: WinSuperSite

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