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Google revamps search with new features

Google continues to change how its Search feature works and today the company announced a major revamp. It has added several new features to Search that Google collectively refers as Search plus Your World. It basically adds new search results from its growing Google + social network into its regular search results.

One of the new features is called Personal Results. Basically when you search for a term on Google it will not only bring up a list of web sites and videos but will also bring up the term when it comes up on Google + from your own posts as well as your friends along with photos that might relate to the subject. Google says those social networking results will only show up on your personal search page.

The second new feature is Profiles in Search which Google states, " ... enable you to immediately find people you’re close to or might be interested in following" via both auto-complete and in full search mode. Finally there's People and Places which will let users discover others on Google + who have an interest in a particular topic like music or football.

For people who might be concerned about security in these new search results, Google says, "With today’s changes, we provide interface elements and control settings like those you’ll find in Google+. For example, personal results are clearly marked as Public, Limited or Only you. Additionally, people in your results are clearly marked with the Google+ circle they are in, or as suggested connections."

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