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Google Workspace Individual makes its way over to Europe

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Google has announced the availability of Google Workspace Individual in Europe. The specific countries that are getting the service are France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the U.K., and Switzerland. By taking out a subscription, individual business owners will get access to additional premium features in popular Google services, including Google Meet.

Describing some capabilities business can expect with a Google Workspace Individual subscription, the search giant listed:

  • The ability to live stream from Google Meet to YouTube so customers can reach a bigger audience.
  • Professional layouts and multi-send for email newsletters, campaigns and announcements.
  • Better appointment booking with customizable reminders, durations and exceptions.
  • Improvements to secure video conferencing over Google Meet, with immersive backgrounds, improved sound and lighting, and the ability to bring meetings directly into the flow of work by integrating Meet with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The pricing for Workspace Individual varies by country, in Germany and France it costs €8.99 per month and in the UK it’s £7.99. You can check out the price in your country by heading over to the dedicated website and scrolling down to see the pricing for the Individual plan.

The plan is available as a 14-day trial for those who want to try out the features to see if the product is right for them. If you are not a business owner, but want the premium features for personal use, you can buy a Google One 2 TB plan which includes these features too.

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