Halo: Combat Evolved remake coming to Xbox 360

A high-definition remake of the original Xbox launch title Halo: Combat Evolved has been confirmed for a release this November, sources close to Joystiq have revealed. With Bungie out of the Halo picture, Microsoft has passed the torch onto Saber Interactive, the team responsible for TimeShift, while 343 Industries will be overseeing development.

Combat Evolved will be more than a resolution bump - art assets will be completely redone, though the original audio is apparently remaining intact. Boasting a resolution of 1080p and support for the latest wave of 3D televisions, the remake is sure to shine on the latest home entertainment setups, but with backwards compatibility working fine with the original game on Xbox 360, it might be a harder sell to the more casual fan that's satisfied with their copy.

In terms of gameplay, little has been confirmed so far, but online co-op will be making its way to the final version, as well as more recent control configurations from newer Halo games. To satisfy fans of the original, it's doubtful that we'll see any radical gameplay changes. Considering the fact that the original holds a score of 97 on Metacritic, any changes to the critically-acclaimed gameplay formula would have to be minor to avoid any backlash from the community.

The remake of Halo: Combat Evolved is expected to launch November 15th of this year, ten years after the original.

Image Credit: Xbox.com

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