Halo: Reach releasing on Xbox One and PC on December 3

After months of Insider testing, Microsoft revealed the PC and Xbox One Halo: Reach release date to be December 3, 2019, on its X019 Inside Xbox stream. Although a Microsoft Store change did steal some of the announcement's thunder, fans should be elated about finally getting to experience the Bungie-developed shooter on modern platforms.

Halo: Reach originally released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, serving as a prequel to the main series. As evident by its name, the game takes place on the planet Reach, with players taking the role of the Spartan Noble Six, all before Master Chief comes into the picture. In addition to this co-op supporting story campaign, it also ships with a full multiplayer offering that has full-fledged competitive and cooperative modes.

As previously announced, the game is coming as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and this is the first game from the collection to arrive on PC before continuing the chronological releases. 343 Industries is putting in 4K support, an FOV slider, uncapped FPS and other PC centric features for this release. See here for the minimum requirements.

Of course, it is also the first time Xbox One players are getting the game too, also as part of their Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The PC version of Halo: Reach is now available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store and Steam with a $9.99 price tag. The Xbox One version has its own Microsoft Store page for its pre-order as an add-on for the Master Chief Collection, also coming in at $9.99. Of course, Xbox Game Pass subscribers on both platforms will also get the game.

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