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Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the PC gets a big update on July 12

halo the master chief collection

It's been over six months since there has been a new and major update to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. However, that will change on Wednesday, July 12 when 343 Industries released a big update for the PC-based collection of the first six games in the main Halo first-person shooter series.

In a post on the Halo Waypoint blog, 343 Industries reveals the details of the next Halo: MCC update. One of them is a way to join a Firefight match while it is still in progress. The blog post states:

Firefight’s simulation is more complex than standard multiplayer due to the inclusion of AI-controlled units, as well as various systems which were not originally intended to be networked. As such, we weren’t historically able to support join-in-progress (JIP) for the mode. That’s no longer the case!

The update will also enable Theater mode for Halo 4’s campaign and its Spartan Ops missions. It will also add the ability to create custom maps for controllers for all of the games in the collection. Halo 3 players will also be able to check out the Escalation Slayer game mode for the first time with this update.

The full version of the collection's background video selection feature will be enabled in this update, which will include mod support. Speaking of which, in a blog post from last week, 343 Industries revealed that there will be a ton of "lost" content added to Halo: MCC for mod creators, in partnership with a team of modders, with this update.

It will include maps, weapons, and content that were cut from older Halo games, and even content made for the original Halo 1999 Macworld demo. The blog states:

Made famous by the Macworld 1999 demo and subsequent media appearances, Spasm was a multi-biome environment built to test vehicles, architecture, and new game mechanics during the fast-paced early days of Halo development. It’s a big place, and used a heightmap-based terrain system incompatible with Halo: CE, so it took some work to get running in MCC. We’ve set it up as a sandbox to play in, explore, and repurpose for your own mods. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is currently discounted down to just $9.99 on Steam until July 13.

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