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Hands on with Lenovo's Yoga A940: It's a Surface Studio killer

One of Lenovo's big announcements out of CES 2019 is the Yoga A940, a new all-in-one that's similar to Microsoft's Surface Studio. When I met with Lenovo, it wasn't shy about the parallels between the AiO and the Surface Studio, and it wasn't shy about the areas in which the Yoga does better.

For one thing, the Yoga A940 rethinks Microsoft's Surface Dial. The Lenovo Precision Dial plugs into a USB Type-A port on either side of the device, so it's not taking up valuable screen real estate. It has a button and two dials, and you can hold the button to adjust what each one does.

Along the base is a Dolby Atmos soundbar, and you'll notice that the base is considerably larger than a Surface Studio's. Aside from the soundbar, this provides other advantages. For one thing, it offers a place to store your mouse and keyboard.

This is something I always appreciate from Lenovo, it's ability to solve those little annoyances, like having to move your mouse and keyboard to the side when tilting the screen on a Surface Studio.

To the right, there's an area where the mouse and pen can be stored, but that also doubles as a wireless charger for your phone.

Another benefit of having a larger base is that the Yoga A940 actually uses a desktop CPU, while the Surface Studio uses a chip that's made for laptops. It has a 4GB AMD Radeon GPU, so that's one area where the Studio outperforms, with its Nvidia GTX 1070.

One more thing is that it starts at $2,349.99, meaning that it's about $1,150 more inexpensive than the cheapest Surface Studio.

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