Have a problem with your Surface? There's a Twitter handle for that

Social media has changed the way that consumers interact with corporations; Twitter has been a driver of these connections and Microsoft has been working to capitalize on this movement. Because brands are now using Facebook and Twitter for promotion, this allows consumers to directly interact with large corporations in ways that was not previously possible.

One of the side affects of this interaction is that when a consumer has a problem with their product, they can use these platforms to reach out to a company, or perhaps complain about the product. Like every company on the planet, Microsoft wants to keep the negativity about its products off social media, and one way to do this is to proactively interact with users who might complain.

To help users who have questions about their Surface, Microsoft has a new Twitter handle, @SurfaceSupport that, as the name implies, provides support related content for the Surface.

This is not Microsoft's first support handle, as Windows Phone and Xbox also have dedicated accounts, and there are a few others as well.

This new account is likely a positive sign for the Surface brand, as it means that the company feels that the product line is large enough to support a dedicated support channel. And considering that the product line is likely a billion dollar vertical for the company, a dedicated support account is warranted.

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