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Here are all the new features Microsoft added to the free version of Teams in February 2023

Although paid versions of Teams are more well known due to their heavy use in enterprise environments, Microsoft also offers a free version of Teams geared towards small businesses. In Microsoft's plans and pricing for various Teams SKUs, this is referred to as "Microsoft Teams (free)". For simplicity, we will refer to it as "Teams Free" for the rest of this article.

Microsoft has already shared all the new features it added to its paid versions of Teams in February 2023, and it has now done the same for Teams Free too.

Microsoft Teams logo with a green tag next to it saying FREE!

The changelog for Teams Free isn't particularly lengthy, which makes sense since this is more limited version of the software. On the desktop and the web, Teams Free users can now easily invite recipients with work or school accounts by just typing in their email addresses. A Teams profile connected via a Google account on desktop will also be able to sync Google contacts. It is important to note that group calls in Teams Free are limited to 60 minutes and 100 participants while 1:1 calls can go up to 30 hours.

Meanwhile, mobile users on Teams Free now have the ability to make community events recurring when they set up a new one. If a community member is promoted to community admin, they will also be notified.

That's pretty much it for the February 2023 changelog for Teams Free. If you have any feedback for Microsoft, file it through the process detailed here.

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