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Here's what to do if Chrome isn't allowing you to view Microsoft websites

If you've recently noticed that Google Chrome doesn't allow you to view select Microsoft websites, you're not alone. Apparently, several users are experiencing an issue that occurs when they try to visit official Microsoft websites. When attempting to do so, Chrome throws a "This site can't be reached (www.microsoft.com unexpectedly closed the connection)" error, asking users to check their internet connections or reconfigure proxy and firewall settings. While both of these methods do not work, there is another easy fix.

Microsoft's Legal Resources website on Edge (left) and Chrome (right)

Technology journalist Paul Thurrott - who was facing the problem - has recently discovered a fix for the issue. Apparently, clearing all cookies in Google Chrome has resolved the case for most. If you're among the people facing the aforementioned annoyance, you can go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > All cookies and site data > Remove All. It is important to note that all your saved passwords for various sites are likely to be eradicated as well.

Thurrott speculates that the problem impacts "many many people". In fact, a few of us at Neowin have been facing the exact same issue for the past couple of weeks on various Microsoft websites - including the online Windows Store and Microsoft's Store site - as well. In contrast, the aforementioned sites opened without a hitch on Microsoft Edge.

While neither Google nor Microsoft have publicly commented on the problem, it's likely caused by minor changes in the functioning of either the Chrome browser or Microsoft's own sites.

Via: Paul Thurrott (Twitter)

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