Hitman: Absolution PC exclusive features detailed

Io Interactive has been saying for months now that they would be putting in a number of features exclusively for the PC port of Hitman: Absolution. Today, as part of a Gamescom presentation, the developer gave out more details on the PC version of the upcoming action game.

As reported by PC Gamer, the PC port will have a UI optimized for the PC, along with optimization for the game to run well on both high end and low end PC hardware. Hitman: Absolution will also get a big graphical boost on the PC, with better texture and gesture resolution than its console game counterparts.

Io Interactive’s Jonas Meyer said that the suit worn by the game's lead character, the bald and bar coded Agent 47, "looks ten times more awesome on PC." The game will also have Steamworks support for cloud-based game saves.

Hitman: Absolution for the PC will also get some extra features for PC rigs with DirectX 11 support. That includes global illumination, tesselation and more. AMD Radeon owners will also get Eyefinity and HD3D support.

The game is due for release on November 20. People who pre-order Hitman: Absolution can download a free stand alone game, Hitman Sniper Challenge, right now.

Source: PC Gamer | Image via Square Enix

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