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HTC: 'We're working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X'

HTC has historically been the second biggest supporter of Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, next to Nokia, but the company hasn't released, or even announced, any plans to sell new smartphones running Windows Phone in several months. In a Reddit AMAA session today with HTC US representatives, the company did offer some news for owners of its older Windows Phone 8X product.

The HTC rep wrote, "As strong partners of Microsoft, we're working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X." Yes, that means that folks that still have the 8X, which was first released in November 2012, may be able to update the device to Windows Phone 8.1 in the near future.

But what about any new devices from the company with Microsoft's OS? There were rumors that HTC was going to launch a Windows Phone version of its flagship HTC One in the fall of 2013, but that didn't happen. In today's AMAA session, when asked if HTC  was "done with Windows Phone", the company's rep wrote, "To say 'done with Windows Phone' is a pretty blanket statement. I don't think a company such as ourselves can ever say that point blank." The rep added that HTC will "continue to take new products into consideration" but there was nothing concrete to announce today. 

Source: Reddit via Engadget

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