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Huawei removes all Tencent games from its app store due to legal dispute

Despite being one of the biggest smartphone maker in terms of units being sold globally, Huawei has recently been facing a lot of troubles with its partners. The U.S. government is cracking down on Chinese technology and the UK is following suit as well. Now, the company finds itself in a legal dispute with fellow Chinese firm Tencent.

Bloomberg reports that Huawei has removed all Tencent games from its app store. The reason for this is apparently a "big change" that Tencent made on December 31, 2020. The notification shown on Huawei's gaming app doesn't go into further details, but the company says that the decision was made after an internal investigation by its legal team, which also claims that Tencent independently concluded that it doesn't want to continue cooperation with Huawei.

Meanwhile, Tencent stated that:

We are communicating and negotiating with Huawei’s mobile game platform for a solution, and hope to resume our services soonest possible.

Based on the wording, it would appear that an existing agreement between the two parties expired before a new one could be reached. As a result, all Tencent games such as Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings, and PUBG, among many others have been removed from Huawei's app store for the time being. It's unclear if and when a new agreement will be ratified between the two companies.

Source: Bloomberg

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