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Huawei's Mate 20 Pro with "industry-leading" screen suffers from green tint on edges

It was in mid-October that Huawei launched its Mate 20 series of handsets. As more phones get into the hands of consumers, it appears that the Mate 20 Pro is experiencing some issues, with some users reporting that colors around the edge of the display are not being displayed accurately, forming what looks like a green tint.

The problem seems more common when the brightness of the AMOLED panel is low. If you own the handset, you can test to see if you have the problem by dimming the screen and applying a lighter colored background wallpaper. While this is surely a bummer, Huawei has at least responded to the problem, releasing a statement through a community manager on its forums:

"The Mate 20 Pro uses an industry-leading flexible OLED screen featuring special design curved edges for an enhanced visual experience and holding comfort. This may lead to slight discolouration when viewed from different angles. In extremely dim lighting conditions, when the screen brightness is too low, or when using dark wallpapers, these differences can be exaggerated. If the colour cast affects your normal use, take your phone to an authorized Customer service Center for assistance."

Basically, the firm is saying this is normal and its "industry-leading" OLED panel isn't all that industry leading. If you own a Mate 20 Pro be sure to chime in on your experiences in the comments down below.

Source: Huawei

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