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Hunch.com: Infographic on Mac users versus PC users

Another Mac versus PC war? Probably. Except this war is not about arguing over fancy collections of bits and bytes, or even about the perceived value of one's investments into technology. It's about the users themselves, and some of the interesting statistics that set them apart. 

This infographic by Hunch.com (via Geekwire) looks at the lifestyles of computer users on both sides of the ideologically technical divide. The data was collected from surveys given to Hunch.com users. 

Let's start with food: Mac users are 80% more likely to be vegans than their PC counterparts. PC users keep themselves buzzed on well known soft drinks (Pepsi, Jolt Cola, Orange Crush) while Mac users go for more exotic and less known tastes (San Pellegrino Limonata and Boylan's Root Beer). Both sides love their fries, although PC users would prefer salty and thin McDonald's fries first and steak fries second, when Mac users would opt for bistro-type fries before running to McDonald's.

PC users are 22% more likely to be of mid-age (35-49) than the younger Mac crowd, who are 22% more likely to be between 18 and 34 years of age. The age also plays into their political leanings, with 36% of PC users holding liberal views and 58% for Mac users. Both groups are generally well educated, with 54% of PC users holding college degrees and 67% for Mac users. And finally, Mac users are 50% more likely to throw parties than PC users, while PC users would rather stay at home and laugh at I Can Haz Cheezburger.

The full infographic may be viewed below.

Image Credit: Visual.ly via Geekwire

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