Images of Huawei's first WP8 device, the W1, leak online

Huawei has been carving out a position for itself in the smartphone market, producing a range of Android handsets, and is now turning its attentions to offering Windows Phone devices as well. In the space of a few years, the Chinese telecommunications giant has turned itself into a massive player. There are still doubts about the company but the bottom line is that they're very successful.

Their latest play has hit the internet a little bit sooner than they will have hoped, however, in the form of the Ascend W1 smartphone. ('Ascend' is Huawei's primary brand identifier, being used with their Android phones as well.) Surprisingly, for a leak, it seems the shots are actually decent enough quality.

The development of at least one Huawei Windows Phone 8 handset has been known about for some time now - the company was identified by Microsoft as one of its four launch partners for the new mobile OS, and it had previously been thought that the W1 was to be shown in September. Frustratingly, though, Huawei's plans for WP8 have largely slipped under the radar so far, and they're yet to make any announcements about their new Windows Phones.

The W1 is apparently a mid-range handset, with a second W2 model expected to offer more premium specs at a higher price. Specification information on the W1 is still unavailable, but like Nokia's latest Lumia handsets and HTC's new Windows Phone 8 devices, it seems that Huawei is planning to embrace bright colours for its new WP8 hardware.

Source: WMPowerUser

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