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India's net neutrality is in danger, but here's how you can help protect it

As the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) prepares to hear people's opinion of net neutrality on April 24th, a new website set up by Internet activists hopes to make people aware of the situation and allow them to send their responses before the deadline.

The FCC recently approved net neutrality rules in the United States and the European Union is also facing pressure from citizens to enforce net neutrality but it is a relatively new term for Indians and the country's government wants to decide its fate while the citizens are still getting to know about it. However, netneutrality.in and its affiliated website savetheinternet.in are aiming to get the word of the people to the government before it is too late.

Some of the recent events in India, such as the plan by Airtel to charge Skype and Viber users extra or the participation of certain websites and apps in curated data packs to get first citizen treatment, have received strong reactions from Indians on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, the Internet protests have only been successful to a certain extent as the government does not have any regulations regarding the matter yet.

Indians who wish to know more about net neutrality can head to the link in the source and send their responses.

Source: Net Neutrality India | Image via Net Neutrality India

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