Infinium Labs announce new console

Thanks ooo for this one. Tampa Bay area technology company, Infinium Labs Corporation, will develop and market a new game console that will outperform the XBOX, Sony Playstation II, and GameCube.

The company plans to market a high performance gaming console and delivery system to provide consumers with options and capabilities that are not available in today's marketplace. The console will appeal to the hard-core gamer and the high end consumer electronic purchaser. This next generation game console provides a robust, fault tolerant delivery system that supports games on demand, game rentals, game demos, seamless upgrades and patch management. The game console is an "ALWAYS ON BROADBAND DEVICE." It is easy enough for children to use independently yet so advanced it exceeds the needs of hard-core gamers.

· Fastest console on the market

· Broadest selection of preloaded games

· Cross Platform capabilities

· State of the art design and architecture

· Advanced accessories and wireless capabilities

· Online connectivity for multi player gaming

· Seamless upgrades and patch management

· A multi tiered subscription service that meets the needs of casual, moderate and hard-core game players

· Demo games before purchasing or subscribing

· Games on demand

· Game Rentals

looks cool - read the rest at the link.

View: PR @ Website

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