Intel: Millions of Dual Core Processors to be Shipped in 05

Intel Corp. said during Tuesday's first quarter of fiscal 2005 conference call that the company would ship "millions" of dual-core processors this year, but the really high volume of such chips would be available next year when the company transits to 65nm process technology. "We expect to ship millions dual-core processors this year and rapidly ramp into higher volume in 2006 on 65nm," said Andy Bryant, Executive Vice President Chief Financial and Enterprise Services Officer.

The executive of Intel Corp. said the company would provide more details on the dual-core ramp during a meeting with analysts scheduled in a few weeks from now. "Millions of processors", provided that the figure is below 10 million, is unlikely to impact the market significantly, as every year about 170 million of computers are sold, each contains at least one processors. "Our goal is to ship hundreds of thousands of units this quarter," said Paul Otellini, Intel's COO and President, referring to the number of dual-core chips the company aims to ship in the Q2 of fiscal 2005.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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