Intel Pentium 4 "Prescott" Processors Can Enable 64bit?

A Taiwan based web-site reported a rumour claiming there is a possibility to enable 64-bit capability on Intel's latest Pentium 4 microprocessors in LGA775 form-factor using a mainboard BIOS update. While the information may be correct, it is currently highly-unlikely that such operation will becomes popular.

"Lately there have been some rumours about some special BIOS that can 'turn on' the 64-bit [capability] on the [Intel Pentium 4] "Prescott" processors. I have made some enquiries and it seems that there are works in progress [that] are still in 'alpha' stage," a claim over the web-site OC WorkBench states.

Intel's Extended Memory 64 Technology also known as 64-bit Extension Technology or IA32e lets Intel's 90nm microprocessors for desktops, workstations, 2-way and 4/8-way servers to execute specially-written 64-bit code while maintaining absolute compatibility with today's 32-bit applications.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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