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Is Intel throttling Pentium 4 EE supply?

SOURCES IN THE US say Intel has been telling the Tier2 and lower OEMs and other assorted "riff-raff" not to expect P4EE chips until mid-January or so, but that is only the current plan. Unless your name is Dell, I would not expect to get many at that time either. The picture is mixed. Sources here in the UK say that only four companies in the UK, not counting Dell, have them. Alienware and Evesham are two such firms.

An Intel representative denied claims this morning there was any kind of a shortage, however. Megadistributor Ingram Micro in the UK are showing that not only are there none in stock, there are also none on order. But firms that do have them appear to be offering them at much lower prices than the $925/1000 price at launch.

Scan UK says it can get them, but it will take one or two days. One has to wonder, with Prescott now delayed till late Q1, there really any much point to this chip at all? The EE line has already served its purpose, stemming the Dell defection, so what is to be gained by making Prescott look worse?

News source: The Inq

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